Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Q1 : Why do you want to use flowchart in your mobile interface design & screen interface design?

Flowchart can help people to solve the problem by chosing a different option because every causes surely will have their own answer such as arguement. then from there we can only know or weakness and strengthness and from there the people could make some changes and enchance of what they doing.

Q2 : How will it help your users to meet the interactive goals?

Flowchart actually helps us alot of making a decision from such a complicated answer to an easy steps although we still need to go through a various steps before we made a conclusion.So, flowchart make the thing become simple and fast....

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Final Outcome for my
Vector Mobile Icons
Pixel Mobile Icons.
please give comment accordingly.
All your comment will be appreciated.
thank you.

Q1: Does the design make sense to you? Can you see the theme?

Q2: In your Opinion, what do you think the 6 icons represented ?
a Gallery, Message, Music
b Home, Gallery, Contact
c Home, Message, Gallery
d Others___________(pls state down)

Q3: What do you think of the Color Scheme ?
a Very Satisfied
b Satisfied
c Not Satisfied
d Very Bad

Q4: How hard for you to recognize those icons design ?
a Very Easy
b Easy
c Difficult
d Very Difficult

Q5: In your opinion, What did you like (Most/Least) about the icons ?

Q6: Which icon do you like and dislike the most?
(Vector icon from left to right I, II,III)
(Pixel icon from left to right 1, 2, 3)
Please specify your reason

Q7: The relevant comments.
a My Icons are too confusing.
b My Icons are not (striking/attractive) enough
c My Icons do not suit any of the directory
d Others_________(pls state down)

*Please make a comment in the "comment" link or make your comment in the chatbox*
Thank you.....

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Friday, January 15, 2010

This is me "Benny"

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

10 things that describe me.....

1. Movies - Movie is part of my life.

2. Panda - i have panda eyes since i study at TOA

3. Music - i love music so much.

4. Money - i always face financial problem everyday in my life.......

5. Bird - i like traveling and i really enjoy every moment when i travel

6. Pig - i like to sleep so much

7. Coffee - i am a coffee big fans and i really like the taste of coffee

8. Owl - i normally sleep at around 2 a.m or 4 a.m coz rushing on assignment

9. Gym - i like to do gym a lot since i am in secondary

10. Horse - i like the life out of the box and full of challenge